Are you company factory or trade company?

A:  We are the leading vinyl flooring factory in China to produce glue down, vinyl click flooring, loose lay, floating vinyl flooring, SPC flooring and EVP flooring.

How about the delivery time?

A: Lead time is around 25 - 30 days for 1 to 5 containers after receiving the deposit, if the amount is over 5 containers, the deliver time shall be discussed further.

What is the MOQ?

A: Generally, if the regular colors is chosen, there is NO MOQ, if the unique colors is chosen, the MOQ shall be discussed together.

Is it possible to accept a customized solution (color, shape or image)?

A:  Yes, the unique requirement also can be accepted here, these unique requirement is from the color, embossing, shape, size and so on.

Can you supply me the samples and the real samples in catalogue?

A:  Yes , we have our professional working teams to make real samples for free.

How do you guarantee the quality of your vinyl flooring?

A:  From procurement of raw materials to finished products; from producing back layers to adding UV, annealing and placing in health museum, each segment is strictly implemented in accordance with European standard. Moreover, be assured of physical properties including shrinking and curling, peel resistance, coating adhesion and gloss, Beauty Flooring company is to follow the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) process to provide the best products practice.

What is our vinyl flooring warranty?

A: our vinyl flooring have the different warranty years it depends on what type of vinyl flooring you choose, generally, the warranty for our vinyl flooring have the better level products, the best level products and premium level products, the wear limit warranty is from 10 years to 30 years.

Regarding our producing spc flooring

What is Solid Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring?

BEAUTY FLOORING (BF) Solid Plastic Composite (SPC) FLOORING, also known as Rigid Vinyl Plank, is an upgrade and improvement of regular Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), the main raw materials of SPC flooring are derive from the natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizer, the highlights for SPC flooring is NO PLASTICISER INCLDUED, that is to say, this newly upgrade of vinyl flooring is more eco friendly and more healthy compared to most flooring like laminate flooring into the market.

The advantages of SPC flooring

Dimensionally stable will not expand or contract for SPC flooring.

Generally, the shrinking and curving for regular luxury vinyl tiles is 0.25% when tested temperature is at 80 ºC (or 176ºF) during 6 hours (Refer to ISO 23999 : 2008), although the shrinking and curving for BF vinyl flooring can be achieved less than 0.1%; whereas the one for SPC flooring is achieved less than 0.08% and even 0.06% at the same test conditions, however, the shrinking and curving for WPC is less than 0.40% at the test condition that is at 60 ºC(or 160ºF), thus, the stable dimension is very good at expand or contract conditions.

Why SPC flooring is more Eco friendly and more healthy

The manufacturing of SPC flooring is not included PLASTICISER, as you known, the effect of plasticizer is made the vinyl flooring flexible, whereas some contents into plasticize like Bis (2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) are not good for the health.

Plasticize for producing vinyl flooring (LVT) is essential, the chosen plasticizer for BF vinyl flooring is DOTP that is also eco friendly and is satisfied the VOC's requirement from FloorScore.

Whereas Plasticize is completely abandoned when producing SPC flooring, NO Plasticize means that no harmful materials from Plasticize, that is to say, SPC flooring is more healthy.

Except above advantages, SPC flooring is fire proof, water proof, free of formaldehyde and etc, thus, SPC flooring can be installed into the bathroom, kitchen and basement.